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iDataMap, by its commitment to embracing the digital environment, can put health reports and medical images into the hands of the medical team just as they need them, create stronger relationships with patients, and improve the quality and efficiency of health services.


iDataMap brings the world of digital medical imaging to the forefront of patient care by understanding the importance of accessible imaging and health records.  By its commitment to embracing the digital environment, iDataMap is able to put health reports and medical images into the hands of your medical team when needed, create stronger relationships with patients, and improve the quality and efficiency of your health services.

iDataMap have brought to the market a total healthcare system, easily accessible to patients and medical practitioners alike.  The focus of this system is RadCard™
– a conveniently-sized USB-based health management card designed to store and display medical imaging studies, associated reports, and patient health records.

Our specialised engineering department based in Adelaide develops the software systems powering the iDataMap HealthCare System, supported by smaller teams based in Seoul and Kuala Lumpur.

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iDataMap has developed a range of technologies that allow cloud-based record association and management. These server- and web service-based applications manage report extraction and aggregations within RadCard™. What iDataMap have actually achieved is a much broader and powerful tool, a patient-centric portable health record system.

iDataMap’s RadCard™ is a health data management system that securely carries and displays complete personal health data and records including diagnostic quality medical images, providing instant availability anywhere. It is the first card to unify global health care because it functions across all state, national and geographic boundaries. The health data management system provides a unique portable and secure health care data solution in harmony with existing global health care systems to guarantee the instant display of quality images for diagnostic purposes (even for the largest studies)and levers the backup capability of cloud resources for added peace of mind. RadCard™ provides the flexibility needed to support current health care models as they continue to evolve and adapt.

RadCard™ has the capability to store and display compliant DICOM data and is certified as delivering diagnostic quality images. The RadCard™ family of products includes cloud linkages, card casing alternatives as well as smart-phone connections, to provide a seamless experience for the clinician, patient and hospital or radiology department. RadCard™ does not require installation of any kind of software on the host PC and auto-loads when connected. RadCard™ is a totally self-contained system with everything required for securely loading, managing and viewing medical reports and imaging. RadCard automatically installs recommended updates when an Internet connection is available.

RadCard™ has configurable password protection, for either patient or clinician or both and leaves no software footprint on the viewing PC, assuring total record security.

RadCard™’s streamlined software and user interface displays large image or video files reliably and quickly and is not vulnerable to Internet bandwidth limits, bottlenecks or outages. RadCard™ is contained in a robust and water-proof, plastic, credit card sized jacket.

Vision, Mission & History

The world’s personal health care record

An integrated health data management system distributed on a “Plug and Play anywhere” USB card having provisions for network-free access to secure medical data, medical imaging studies and reports transparently within any health system.

iDataMap Corporation was created in August 3rd, 2007 to improve the availability of medical imaging records for clinicians and to pursue patient-centric record management in today’s emerging health systems. iDataMap meets the expectations of today’s health consumer within the advancing frontier of Information Technology by using a contemporary patient-focussed approach that fits with today’s health systems and meets the special needs of the health professional. iDataMap works at the dynamic interface of world-class medical andtechnology practitioners and from this creative interaction uniquely understands market needs and has generated a unique and highly effective solutions for managing health information, embodied in the RadCard™ product family.

iDataMap has continually enhanced the performance of the RadCard™ platform through trials to ensure that the system is compatible with existing radiological/clinician workflow.

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