RadCard™ makes healthcare data available when it is needed, and in a personally controlled and secure process.

By utilising solid state digital data storage combined with multiple levels of encryption security, RadCard™ has immediate application for medical imaging, with wider applications as a patient-centric, dynamic and incremental, medical report and health summary aggregation system.

RadCard™ is a compact, secure and self-contained system for patients to carry their entire medical image and report history wherever they go. RadCard™ manages aggregation, storage and management of patient records while providing a diagnostically-certified medical imaging viewer akin to the radiologist’s workstation.

As the primary healthcare record, RadCard™ offers radiologists, clinicians, hospitals and clinics immediate access to the entire health record with all the richness of the highest resolution and diagnostically relevant imaging using nothing more than a generic PC. The access point to hospital chains is the ability of the RadCard™ to provide a physician with a better service, with the current imaging study as well as the complete historical data set in an easily accessible, diagnostically useful format, while retaining normal procedures around the capital-intensive radiography machines and highly trained staff.

RadCard™ has facilities to store medical video files in its partition. This allows clinicians and radiologists to attach a video with voice over for transfer to another practitioner for the second opinion or for the explanation of results to patients. Written radiological reports can also be added to the card and linked to particular imaging studies. This allows seamless operation of RadCard™ as an integrated radiological reporting system.

iDataMap’s development program now is able to link radiologists, clinicians, and patients together through RadCard™ to deliver seamless and flexible workflow. iDataMap’s RadCard™ bridges from Radiologist to Clinician, irrespective of the local IT infrastructure and does so at a personal level.

RadCard™ contributes to the transformation of any legacy system to world best practice from the viewpoints of quality, reputation, cost control, clinical workflow and patient experience.