iDataMap’s RadQR™ platform provides a powerful connectivity gateway to large-scale PACS and radiology file systems. RadQR™– Radiology Query Request – integrates PACS connectivity with cloud-synchronisation capabilities and Radiology Information System (RIS) report extraction via HL7 protocols. The result is a suite of search functions for locating and extracting patient records within a healthcare system.

Although RadCard™ is completely self-contained and can pull imaging data from a local system, the RadQR™ package is more efficient, offers seamless integration with the radiology workflow and allows much greater connection and search capabilities across medical environments allowing for a universal adoption.

RadQR™ has been designed to comply with industry standard, compliant DICOM commands. This simplifies the connectivity between RadCard™ and any number of different vendors’ imaging machines or PACS environments and ensures a consistent hospital implementation process for the installers. In addition to this, RadQR™ is the portal for accessing radiological reports.

iDataMap Corporation’s unique RadQR™ application augments the industry’s varied and different networks, creating a total solution for transferring imaging studies and associated reports from the radiology PACS systems to RadCard™.

RadQR™ supports remote report extraction and synchronisation with the RadCard™ primary record through cloud-based services, and has an SMS-based patient notification system if required.